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Divide TV


This university project was a full corporate branding exercise for a fictional company. The corporate identity was designed for a music television channel called Divide TV, the aim of which was to place them in the MTV and VH1 Music Television sector. The brief described the target audience as sensible, but trendy and financially comfortable with an age range of between 27 and 42 years old.



The combination of the five dividing lines, as used in written music notation, and the simplified silhouette of the letter ‘d’ created the perfect visual representation for the brand whilst simultaneously echoing the visual representation of sound waves.

Bright colours were added to the strong graphic symbol, adding in a splash of youthful vibrance while at the same time maintaining the modern sophistication. The carefully selected range of corporate colours allows for the various application of the brand enabling it to demand attention, or to refrain and present itself as more subdued and considered, always with the target demographic in mind.


  • logo design
  • branding
  • stationery
  • apparel
  • vehicle graphics
  • tv ident


With no specified budget restraints the stationery design makes use of the bold brand, vibrant corporate colour scheme and modern printing techniques, with the logo and details being printed with high gloss UV varnish on heavy matt paper stock to give a high quality, tactile aesthetic and feel. The letterhead and compliments slip have multiple versions with different coloured logos printed on the reverse, and they also include a business card attached via a perforated join, allowing it to be torn off.






Additional Collateral

In addition to the required brief the brand was also carried across to apparel in order to create a range of T-shirts for staff to wear as a casual uniform, and to also be available for sale to the general public. Vehicle decals were also included in the branding so that when filming on location or simply transporting equipment there would always be a strong brand presence.




Television Ident

As Divide TV is a music channel, it was important to have a strong television ‘ident’ to play between music videos and adverts. In it the Divide logo builds in pulses timed to a mixture of background music and fades through the various corporate colours according to the genre of music playing.



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