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Handcrafted wooden boats are Evans Boatwork’s specialty. But, despite being in business for a number of years, Evans Boatwork had never had a cohesive corporate identity. Relying on business listings and word-of-mouth generated the majority of business, which meant there were various different pieces of promotional material without a consistent identity.

So, when the new Atlantic Beachboat became ready for public release, I was asked to design a comprehensive brand for the company. With the aim of identifying the company while attending boat shows and interacting with customers.



Drawing heavily from the materials used in the boats construction and the nautical environment, as well as the handcrafted building methods, the solution came in the form of a monogram of the company initials. This was hand drawn from scratch and developed to suggest the silhouette of a boats hull, mast and sails.

To complete the logotype, the full company name was added in a mildly customised typeface. An additional variation of the logo was also crafted to ensure the brand was highly versatile. This variation accompanies the names on the side of the boats, with the ever-present monogram to reenforce brand recognition.

Working closely with Colin–the man behind Evans Boatwork–throughout the project guaranteed that he was more than happy with the results. Wether attending boat shows, talking to customers, or just sailing around Pembrokeshire, he now has an instantly recognisable brand to identify his company for years to come.


  • branding
  • logo design
  • print
  • promotional material
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