First and foremost I’m a graphic designer. Based in Pembrokeshire, West Wales.

Specialising in logo design, branding & web design.

  • inov8 design graphic designGraphic Design

    Graphic design is at the heart of everything, the foundation that all projects are built on. Visual communication is a universal language, but utilising design skills, experimentation, analogue and digital medium means that it’s more than just aesthetically pleasing; the concept, content and design are all equally crucial.

  • inov8 design printPrint

    People are increasingly staring at screens, so with an eye on the details, materials and process, mixed with a love of typography, print can be a powerful and personal medium with dimensional qualities and textures that can often have a longer lasting impact than a digital equivalent.

  • inov8 design logo designBranding

    A brand communicates directly to all customers all the time. It represents who you are, what you stand for, who you want to be, and also the reception it receives in the marketplace. It’s the first impression that any potential or existing customers experience and can make or break your company, that’s why a lot of care goes into it.

  • inov8 design web designWebsites

    Mobile, tablet, desktop and more. More people than ever before are browsing the internet, often on a variety of devices, which means that being online is no longer a choice, but a necessity for all manner of businesses. From domain name registration, hosting, blogs, custom email accounts, everything can be taken care of.

  • inov8 design e-commerceE-Commerce

    With secure payment options and a full backend content management system you can start selling products, downloads or services in a worldwide marketplace. It doesn’t matter if you sell 1 or 1,000 items, it’s completely scaleable and customisable.

  • inov8 design mobile web designResponsive Web

    It’s predicted that mobile browsing will overtake desktop browsing in 2014. In the middle of this global shift it’s vital that your website is accessible via mobile devices, wether that be a laptop, tablet or smartphone. Your website can be designed to respond and alter the way it’s displayed for optimal viewing on a range of devices.

  • inov8 design content management system CMSCMS

    A fully integrated content management system allows you to control, edit and add to the pages of your website using a secure backend system. It allows you to log into your website, and depending on the setup, add content, add a page or write blog posts.

  • inov8 design search engine optimisation SEOSEO

    It’s no good having a fancy new website if people can’t find it. That’s why every bespoke website includes fundamental search engine optimisation to maximise your websites traffic. Depending on the project this can also extend to key word research to further increase traffic.

  • inov8 design motion designMotion Design

    Video has become an integral part of our digital world, wether relating to a product, music, infographic or viral campaign, they have become the norm where attention spans are close to non-existent and advances in technology have made it more affordable than ever. Calling on the experience with motion graphics and video editing you too can make use of this effective promotional tool.

Have a project or idea that you don’t think fits into any of the categories above?

No problem, just get in touch to discuss your needs or get some advice & guidance, new challenges are always welcome!

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