Passing Thru


The task for this university project was to design a concept for a series of four publications, each documenting a journey through one of four UK cities. The books show routes taken around the cities showing areas that would normally go unnoticed, allowing the reader to follow the route and explore it for themselves.



This design utilises a single metal rod that connects the two covers at one corner, in turn holding the pages in place. This provides an unconventional approach to the books which allows the pages to rotate around the connecting rod. This means that the book would be read from top to bottom and then turned over to read bottom to top, which suitably reflects the journey to and from the visited city.

The covers of the books consist of materials that would be encountered in a city environment – laminated glass, concrete, tarmac and metal. Each book features one of these materials on the front and back covers, providing a unique tactile experience for the reader.


  • graphic design
  • publication design
  • branding
  • typography



Publication Covers

The first page of each book consists of a plastic sleeve that allows the reader to collect tickets, flyers etc. collected on the journey outlined in the books and to place them into the plastic sleeve, in turn making each book unique. See-through sections of the covers would allow the tickets placed in the plastic sleeve to be visible through the covers, resulting in every reader creating uniquely customised book.



Internal Spreads


passing-thru-book-spread-1.1 passing-thru-book-spread-1.2



passing-thru-book-spread-2.1 passing-thru-book-spread-2.2

Publication Details

The contents page consists of two consecutive pages, the first displays a map with the route followed in the book die cut to allow the second page to show through. The second page has colour-coded areas indicating how the journey is broken down into sections, which also relates to the corresponding sections of the book. The section dividers also mirror sections of the contents page along with hints as to the method of transport that was used on the journey.


passing-thru-book-contents-page-1 passing-thru-book-contents-page-2
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